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Reset World Virtual Roundtable

02.09.20 AdvantageGo

“I would like to rephrase the concept of that is not insurable, I would add the word ‘yet’ or as we know it, because this industry has evolved… , but there are a lot of other risks out there that we as an industry have solutions for.”

Anthony Kuczinski, President & CEO, Munich Re US Holding

In association with Reactions magazine, we gathered a group of U.S. based CEOs to discuss their perspectives on what the “reset world” might look like as insurers continue to operate digitally with one eye on returning to personal interactions.

Marc Adee, Chairman & CEO, Crum & Forster, Chris Gallagher, President & CEO Hudson Insurance Group and Anthony Kuczinski, President & CEO, Munich Re US Holding joined our virtual roundtable to discuss:

  • What types of tools and protocols have helped accelerate processes in the remote-working environment, and which ones will be adopted further.
  • How carriers can maintain an underwriting-first approach to drive underwriting profitability in such a challenging market.
  • How to better manage existing and emerging exposures in the pandemic age.
  • Why the Government should get involved in pandemic coverage.

Watch our four-part series from U.S. insurance leaders as they examine the “reset world,” post-social distancing, and explore how insurance businesses will operate going forward. Each video is between 6-10 mins longs.

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