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AdvantageGo provides revolutionary insurance software, enabling (re)insurers around the world to rapidly adapt, drive change and succeed. Harnessing the power of proven, functionally-rich core solutions and augmenting with pioneering, system-agnostic Microservices, AdvantageGo offers insurers the IT agility they need to create an intelligent digital strategy in partnership with a leading IT provider. 

Enhance your digital landscape and open up the possibility of true risk mitigation with our disruptive technologies. Harvest insightful intelligence, make better-informed decisions and rapidly bring new business models to market. Proudly part of NIIT Technologies, a leading global IT solutions organisation focused on helping businesses design innovative digital operating models.


AdvantageGo - fusing the traditional with the digital and revolutionising insurance software.

Why you need AdvantageGo

From writing better business to improved operational efficiency, AdvantageGo places the right information in the hands of the right person, at the right time. With over 25 years’ experience, we combine core solutions (Navigator, Exact, Acumen) with revolutionary digital services, enabling (re)insurers to rapidly and effortlessly scale with new business models and products. Leading the way with a cloud-based platform offering real-time Microservices, (re)insurers can quickly reduce costs, intelligently automate and proactively manage risk.

Data is power

Data is power

Gain first-mover advantage thanks to highly accurate, proactive and personalised information, curated from leading data providers and IoT.

Rapid ROI

Rapid ROI

Get to market faster with agile system-agnostic Microservices built on our AdvantageGo cloud-based platform. Seamlessly move into new or acquired business lines and bring complex products to market in weeks.

Proactive risk administration

Proactive risk administration

Improve risk management, prevent large losses and open the possibility of true risk mitigation. Get proactive notifications, real-time alerts and priceless insights, exactly where and when you need them with our commercial insurance software.

Lead the way

Lead the way

Enable augmented decision-making and better protect people and businesses with our ground-breaking Microservices which can be seamlessly integrated to help you reduce costs and open the possibility of true risk mitigation.

A Revolutionary Approach

With AdvantageGo you can now effectively and fearlessly act on the latest industry developments thanks to powerfully precise data and contextual insights. Leveraging a vast array of curated knowledge sourced from leading data providers, IoT and advanced machine learning, you can open the possibility of true risk mitigation with proactive notifications and real-time alerts.

The outcome is the next generation of InsurTech: cloud-based and system-agnostic Microservices that enable you to surpass the competition and better protect people and businesses. Driven by instantaneous data, these customer-centric services significantly enhance the performance of core solutions and enable augmented decision-making as well as industry-leading agility. Commercial insurance software will never be the same again.


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With over 25 years’ experience providing insurance software solutions to global insurers, we understand that the world is full of...


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