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Renewable Energy Risks – Understanding Your Exposures

21.03.24 AdvantageGo

Renewable energy is now, indisputably, serious business. As global economies continue to navigate the transition to net zero, and technologies to harness wind, solar and tidal power continue to evolve and improve, the shift from a supporting player to a main stage actor is taking place.

This paradigm shift underscores a dynamic landscape for underwriters in the energy sector. No longer can portfolios rely solely on oil and gas; the (re)insurance industry is adapting to a greener future in sync with evolving markets.

Yet significant real or perceived risk exposure remains a frequent stumbling block facing many renewable energy projects, and developers must show that they have effective risk transfer mechanisms in place- a hurdle that is not always easy to overcome given both the technical difficulties associated with new renewable technologies, as well as the lack of historical data that underwriters require to feel comfortable with an in-depth risk assessment.

This report ‘Renewable Energy Risks – Understanding Your Exposures’ looks at the changes currently happening in the emerging renewable energy space, examines the different renewable energy technologies available and what this means for (re)insurance and risk management.

Renewable energy risk report 2024

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