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AdvantageGo recognises that for insurance profits
to improve, insurance underwriting has to improve

Instead of looking from the present to an uncertain and almost undoubtedly unprofitable future, AdvantageGo helps insurance companies to look from an increasingly precarious future back to today.

The difference is clarity. And profit. AdvantageGo’s platform provides Underwriters with the clarity to be far more accurate with the terms of cover offered and the premium charged on a policy. We help you stop thinking about processes and policies and start thinking about profit over time. AdvantageGo enables you to profit from the future, whether it’s more profit from conventional policies or new profit from future products. It’s a future that is coming towards you. Bringing claims or profits. You decide.



AdvantageGo uses data to provide clarity of risk, so you can dramatically
improve the assessment of a future event

We provide clarity around the policy, using data to manage the inclusions and exceptions that will determine your profit or loss on a policy.

We provide clarity of the premium in response to changing data, so you know what price to put on the policy for it to be profitable. Because the risks will continue. Because precarious situations will increase. Because precarity, has become the way of business. In an increasingly precarious world, the clarity offered by AdvantageGo’s intelligent platform becomes key to underwriting. From supporting existing insurance products to providing the ability to see entirely new ones, AdvantageGo drives profitability from clarity, not chance. The Clarity of Precarity – putting your profits right at the front of the insurance process for a change. Maybe we could even call it “preclarity”.



Instead of just using past data and past experience

…that even machine learning struggles to cope with, AdvantageGo’s connected platform helps you to manage the future – your future. Instead of seeing only what’s behind you – the lack of profits after a policy has expired – we apply technology and data to help you set a better policy in the first place.

That way, you have more control over profits delivered in the future. To improve your profits, we start at the beginning, with underwriting. AdvantageGo already delivers proven software solutions that enable commercial P&C, specialty, and reinsurance companies worldwide to focus on the business of insurance and let our technology handle the data. If you’re trying to make sense of a complex insurance market, AdvantageGo has a wealth of data to help you profit from the future.



The key to increasing profits is intelligent and connected underwriting
technology that delivers better, more accurate policies

Making earlier decisions, faster, pulls your profit forwards. AdvantageGo’s platform is cloud-based, scalable, and fully configurable for the future from the outset. Our AI algorithms continuously identify anomalies and manage total risk, allowing automated premiums and renewals to be adjusted for maximum profit.

As well as limiting claim frequency during the life of policies, future profit is also achieved by identifying unprofitable activity. Better decision-making is literally built in from the outset. Preconfigured templates by line of business and user configuration, without coding, accelerate installation and your time to market. Historically, insights have had to be substantiated with data, retrospectively. We’ve changed all that. AdvantageGo’s platform creates clarity and insight from data-driven events. This clarity applies in the crucial pre-bind stages and throughout the life of a policy. Our platform allows for the integration of all aspects of the insurance lifecycle, from underwriting to ceded reinsurance, through policy and claims, to portfolio risk management. We integrate the usual internal data sources, but we also enable established, real-time, pluggable connections to trusted external services, systems, and data sources. The integration of applications and data puts Underwriters in control throughout the insurance process, not just at the pre-bind. Clarity is achieved through a single, customisable, centralised view with user-configurable screens, fields, processes, and business rules across multiple territories, partners, products, languages, and currencies.