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AdvantageGo wins ACORD’s industry vanguard award


AdvantageGo wins ACORD’s industry vanguard award

01.11.23 AdvantageGo

Continued investment, innovation and collaboration for Blueprint Two have led to AdvantageGo’s triumph in the “Industry Vanguard” category of the ACORD Awards 2023.

Say what they might, most people love to win an award, particularly when it’s recognition that’s been well earned, and from an organisation that is renowned and well respected by peers across the market.

We’re no different at AdvantageGo. We are proud, first to have been nominated in the Industry Vanguard Award category – and then to win the award itself! – handed out during the ACORD Awards 2023.

The award is presented to organisations deemed to have enhanced and extended the scope of ACORD’s Standards, Architecture, and Forms, and/or driven their adoption and use by new stakeholders and communities.

Winning it provides recognition of AdvantageGo’s work towards helping insurance clients navigate digital transformation, as well as taking up the responsibility of managing an ecosystem of insurtech systems and service providers.

A big part of the story behind this award has been AdvantageGo’s work towards the London market’s Blueprint Two solution in particular. This is a London market-wide collaborative process that AdvantageGo itself cannot lead, but only play a leading part.

Full buy-in to Blueprint Two is vital to digital transformation in the London market. And AdvantageGo has been an eager participant, keen to showcase strengths that mix together next-gen insurtech innovation with good-old-fashioned teamwork and commitment to the London market.

Please check out these two blogs, respectively: discussing the importance of Blueprint Two’s digital transformation for the market; and AdvantageGo’s commitment to its success through a market-wide team spirit.

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