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My first year in InsurTech

14.01.19 Aabhaas Malhotra

My name is Aabhaas Malhotra, and I am a software developer at AdvantageGo based in Gurugram, India. I joined AdvantageGo one year ago after graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science specialising in IT Infrastructure from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India.

A recruitment team from AdvantageGo’s parent company visited my university campus. We had an introductory session with the team, which intrigued me. I was selected to join AdvantageGo as a junior software developer and to be part of the team responsible for the development of Exact, AdvantageGo’s powerful insurance exposure management solution.

Before starting at AdvantageGo, I, along with other trainees, underwent a rigorous trainee programme where we were equipped with knowledge of the latest technologies. We had hands-on experience with technology such as ASP .Net core, Angular 4, SignalR and many more. Overall, the training was the perfect base that we needed as ‘freshers’ or new joiners to start work on developing software for AdvantageGo.

At the time I joined, AdvantageGo was looking to create a new version of Exact. As a junior software developer, this was a particularly wonderful opportunity to work on a new project from the beginning and to be part of a team of talented and optimistic developers. Although this was my first job out of University, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues who treated me as one of their peers – I never felt that I was a novice.

Being a software developer for Exact came with many responsibilities. As Exact enables insurers to quickly and accurately visualise and manage their entire risk portfolio, working on any updates or changes to the solution was both challenging and thrilling. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the project was implementing technology that brought millions of data on simple queries within less than a second.

Working at AdvantageGo is what I had always wished a workplace would be. Although most of my colleagues are senior to me, my contributions are encouraged and valued. My team has always been supportive of me when I find myself in a challenging position as they are equally responsible for my output as I am. Their support and assistance have played an integral role in my contributions to the development of the new version of Exact. I’m proud to be part of a team who has high standards and integrity in the work they produce. I enjoy coming to work and being part of team who has a positive and inclusive work culture.

It has been a great opportunity for me to be a part of AdvantageGo as I have had the chance to apply the skill set that I obtained from my training and to develop my knowledge when working on the Exact project. Working on a solution that provides new standards in risk exposure management has been fantastic and rewarding, and as a developer, I am looking forward to working on projects that will positively transform how insurers do business.

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