Exposure management for the global reinsurer, enabling you to supercharge your analysis to billions of locations.

Exact Max Benefits

Exact Max Benefits

  • Confidently manage complex risk, improve your response to events, and streamline your management of exposures across the organisation.
  • Quickly and accurately visualise your entire treaty portfolio of billions of locations in real time.
  • Be prepared with real-time management of information, providing coherent insights into assumed exposure.
  • Centralise and evaluate the quality of all of your Insurance and Reinsurance exposure data across multiple geographies and businesses.
  • Rapidly aggregate and visualise data across billions of locations in real-time and with high-resolution location data.
  • Better manage your capacity based on sophisticated data analysis exploring the marginal impact of new business against your risk appetite.
  • Assess each cedent’s portfolio in unparalleled detail at a macro-level, including map visualisations, year-on-year changes, and peer benchmarking, to make the most informed underwriting decisions.
  • High-volume location visualisations through a revolutionary graphics engine.
  • Analysis of marginal impact from underwriting new cedent´s business including historic year-on-year portfolio performance.
  • Real-time event notification service to immediately respond to large catastrophes.
  • Customised, dynamic dashboards monitoring multi-line global portfolios.
  • Analysis of exposure location counts and data completeness for geography, occupancy, construction, primary and secondary modifiers.
  • Aggregation across all cedent portfolios at every level from country and state right down to individual locations.
  • Visibility of potential net position allowing for retro recoveries.

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