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The global insurance value chain is facing unprecedented disruption. New risks and threats, innovative technology, legacy technology, new distribution models, increasing regulation, emerging market entrants, and changing customer expectations are just some of the drivers shaping today’s market.


As the value chain is disrupted and redefined, the systems underpinning today’s insurance infrastructure need to be disrupted for insurers to remain relevant and competitive.



A decentralized architecture enables insurers to decompose complex software applications into smaller services that can be evolved and updated independently.


Deploy microservices architecture to:

Asset 5 v7
Rapidly launch new insurance solutions in a fraction of the time
Asset 3 v8
Reduce operational costs
Asset 6 v9
Proactively manage risk through new functional capabilities
Asset 7 v6
Enhance the performance of your core solution
Asset 8 v7
Future-proof your technology

Asset Tracking in Insurance
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Asset 14 v2

Event Service

Prevent or mitigate losses with your insureds.

Asset 15 v3

Peril Scoring

Proactively access location peril scores.

Asset 16

Asset Location

Visualize the latitude and longitude of assets globally.

Asset 17

Asset Tracking

Access periodic updates on a mobile asset´s location.

Asset 18

Asset Zone Tracking

Define a geo-fenced area and track mobile assets.

Asset 19

Sanctions Service

Ensure adherence to sanctions regulations.

Asset 20

Credit Rating

Retrieve instant credit rating information on named individuals.

Asset 21

Currency Service

Instantaneously retrieve currency exchange data.

Asset 22


Determine the latitude and longitude of an address in real-time.

Asset 23

Address Validation

Instantaneously check the validity of an address.

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