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The Complete Underwriter: Harnessing Digital For Success

08.09.22 AdvantageGo

Much has been written and debated about the art and science of underwriting fusing with technology. How exactly do  intelligent underwriting platforms  complement an Underwriter’s tacit knowledge to make better-informed decisions? To what degree do underwriting workbenches automate underwriting tasks while providing a holistic view of risk factors? Is the insurance industry pushing hard enough to adopt a data-first mindset in the marketplace?

Our report delves into these questions and more, exploring how the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning predominantly focuses on building risk models for better decision-making and understanding of risk drivers in today´s more complex macroeconomic risk environment.

Download the report, which features contributions from industry stakeholders, including AXA, to find out what the market thinks as it increasingly incorporates technology to algorithmically trade in today´s digital economy. 

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