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26.04.23 AdvantageGo

AdvantageGo’s intelligent and modular Underwriting workbench is designed to deliver data-driven insights through proactive, automated, and smart processes from a single platform to help (re)Insurers adapt to the changing needs and demands of evolving risks.

Cloud-based and AI-enriched, our workbench optimizes and streamlines underwriting operations, automates low-value tasks and improves efficiency while operational costs decrease. It is flexible enough to cater to multiple digital channels and B2B models enabling a consistent and standardized process across commercial business needs for underwriting profitability.

Fed by an ecosystem of real-time data providers for rapid third-party data ingestion, our workbench, together with an Underwriter’s intellectual property and existing data assets empowers Underwriters to create new products and understand risk at new levels of granularity.

This guide highlights some of Underwriting’s key features, their benefits, and how they can help your underwriting go from strength to strength.

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