Lead Forensics

Business Objectives

Ascot were searching for an underwriting platform which would enable them to digitise and automate their manual intensive peer review process

The tool needed to permit Ascot’s reviewers to increase the number of review completed and to minimise time spent on the peer review process

Complete 20% more reviews

Reviewers can carry out 20% more reviews in the same time compared to Ascot’s previous system.

Optimise the peer review process

‘Underwriting’ has minimised time spent on the peer review process by removing the need to cross-check key information across disparate systems.

Increase the velocity and agility of decision making

Underwriters can now analyse policies at a granular level, enabling them to deliver analytics-driven insights throughout the decision-making process.

Eliminate bottlenecks & maximise efficiency

Underwriting’s allocation engineer moved bottlenecks and delivered a more intelligent distribution of the peer review workload across teams.

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