Our revolutionary insurance technology Aniita, means you have swift & accurate access to business-critical information when & where you need it.


Meet Aniita, the digital assistant transforming the way risk and claims professionals like you source their data. Wherever you are, you can easily access Aniita’s powerful curated insights by chatting with Aniita using your Smartphone or Amazon’s Alexa. Aniita connects to any policy administration, exposure management or third-party system as well as sourcing data from IoT and advanced machine learning, swiftly augmenting insights within seconds. Natural and responsive conversations and answers - when you need them.


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Aniita Benefits

Aniita Benefits

  • Aids decision-making by focussing on providing useful and helpful answers to questions
  • Connects your information with additional and useful external data to provide a more comprehensive perspective
  • Automatically pushes updates on an asset's movements and avoids the need to ask for an update
  • Automatically pushes updates based on your preferences that are relevant to you and your business
  • No training needed – just immediate and responsive results
  • Available when and where you need it
  • No integration required - instant access to the answers you need
  • AI avoids repetition or duplication – creating natural conversations
  • Learns from your feedback to improve the user experience
  • User-friendly experience for accessing critical information across all business lines
  • Accessible via multiple devices - your smartphone or Amazon’s Alexa
  • One tool for accessing multiple data sources
  • Provides notifications and alerts based on events and your stored preferences
  • Curated responses to provide consumable bite-sized answers to questions
  • Connects to any policy administration, exposure management or 3rd-party system
  • Utilises natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Continuously learns to ensure performance is ever-increasing
Aniita Benefits

Meet Aniita, the digital assistant made for (re)insurers...

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