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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

06.12.18 Papori Dutta

Hi, I’m Papori Dutta, a software engineer at AdvantageGo, working in the Exact team in Gurugram, India. Exact is AdvantageGo’s powerful insurance exposure management solution, which enables insurers to quickly and accurately visualise and manage their entire risk portfolio.

Before starting my career at AdvantageGo, I studied computer science at college which is where I was recruited from for this position. I joined AdvantageGo as a fresher (new joiner) last year, and my journey so far has been ineffable to say the least. I’ll try to explain as well as I can.

When you’re fresh out of college there’s a lot that’s changing around you. It’s a new phase in life and one that comes with a huge amount of opportunities and uncertainty. The biggest concern is not only finding a job, but a role that is fulfilling, challenging and within a company that values integrity, innovation and provides the path to career advancement.

Four years of engineering taught me how to master a machine, but not how to prepare for working in the real world. Interviews can be daunting for most of us, but I had the added challenge of competing against many bright and capable graduates. This was where I was at last year. Then came AdvantageGo.

The first part of every recruitment drive is the ‘knowledge’ part and I’ve always known that a tomato is a fruit, so that isn’t a problem for me. But next is the interview, perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking experiences. However, that wasn’t the case when I sat for my interview.

The moment I met the recruiters I knew I’d be joining this company. Like all good interviewees, I had done my homework and researched the company prior to my interview. I was excited about the possibility of working for an organisation that was transforming the way business is being done through innovative technology, and for a variety of industries. As a graduate, I was keen to join a company that offered the possibility to work in different sectors so I could expand the depth and breadth of my skills and knowledge. I’m a millennial, and as one, most of us millennials seek to work in organisations that offer the opportunity to move within the company and work on different projects and sectors.

The recruitment team alleviated the pressure that comes with interviews by immediately making me feel at ease. And that was it, I was sold. Working for a company with innovation at its heart and with people who made me feel valued was a winning combination. The positive energy during my interview has carried on throughout my journey here. From training to working on live projects, you always have enough support and encouragement from your superiors and peers. The work culture and the use of latest technology is an encouraging factor to work here.

I joined AdvantageGo following a training boot camp. The training was challenging but rewarding as it helped me hone my technical skills.

Fast forward to today and I’m currently working in the Exact team as a software developer. During my training, I learnt how to use the latest software and management programmes. I worked on helping further develop Score, which enables insurers to access augmented risk scores from leading data providers, and on the web version of Exact.

Since joining AdvantageGo, I’ve worked and collaborated with talented and erudite colleagues, which has contributed to my overall professional development.

The ‘wisdom’ part of the quote I initially mentioned is what comes from experience, and there’s a plenty of that to go around at AdvantageGo. Our leaders always share their experiences with us so that we learn and build on their achievements and failures. This is perhaps the part I enjoy the most – being able to learn as much as possible so that I can give my best.

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