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New York Roundtable: Agent Of Change

26.11.18 AdvantageGo

Bill Gates once said people overestimate the impact of technology in the near term but underestimate it for the long term.

During the roundtable, participants hotly debated which technologies they felt were being over-hyped, as well as those proving to be a hit with the industry. The discussion ranged from the growing influence technology is having on the market to the changes people are not paying enough attention to that will transform the market over the next 10 years and beyond.

The roundtable discussed:

  • Is Artificial Intelligence making a real impact in the insurance industry?
  • How future transactions will differ from the type we’ve seen over the past few years
  • What the market has learnt from the 2017 losses
  • M&A: Have we reached the peak of deal making in terms of both volume of transactions and multiples?

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