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17.01.23 AdvantageGo

London, 17th January 2023  –  AdvantageGo, a leading provider of commercial (re)insurance management solutions designed to help insurers and reinsurers manage risk administration and part of Coforge, announced today that it has selected ACORD Solutions Group’s ADEPT platform as its strategic messaging service to enable its clients to connect to existing and next-generation London Market solutions and services.

ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform & Translator) is a platform for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation. It increases the timeliness, accuracy, and security of data, and links trading partners across the global insurance industry.

AdvantageGo will leverage ADEPT for Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial (GRLC) to facilitate connection to the digital services and solutions introduced as part of the Lloyd’s Blueprint Two initiative. ADEPT’s RESTful API service allows AdvantageGo clients to send and receive ACORD GRLC accounting (EBOT) and claims (ECOT) messages via these next-generation solutions. ADEPT will also enable AdvantageGo clients to transact with other ACORD GRLC-enabled partners around the world, including between stakeholders in the Ruschlikon community.

“Access to accurate, reliable, and actionable data is imperative for the insurance industry to meet its aspirations to move to a digital-first insurance economy,” said Ian Summers, Global Business Leader, AdvantageGo. “We are delighted to be collaborating with ACORD Solutions Group’s ADEPT platform, which represents a new era of data exchange, enabling our customers to increase efficiency and productivity across their business. We identify with ACORD´s modernisation vision, and collaborating together enables us to support our customers to achieve a whole new level of digitisation.”

AdvantageGo is a Licensed Integrator Partner of ACORD Solutions Group, the provider of solutions for standardised data exchange throughout the global (re)insurance industry, as well as a long-standing member of ACORD, the global standards-setting body for the insurance industry.

“With more than thirty years of service in the insurance industry, AdvantageGo is one of London’s largest system vendors,” said Chris Newman, ACORD’s Managing Director – Global. “Collaboration with our vendor community, including key players like AdvantageGo, is integral for the ongoing modernisation of the industry. We are pleased to enable AdvantageGo to harness the benefits of Lloyd’s Blueprint Two digital services and solutions, and support its clients across the global (re)insurance ecosystem.”

About AdvantageGo

AdvantageGo helps insurance companies to look from an increasingly precarious future back to today. The difference is clarity. And profit. By bringing the future more efficiently and effectively into the present, we position insurers´ profits at the heart of their business – today, not tomorrow. Our pioneering platform and 25 years of experience mean AdvantageGo offers insurers the IT agility they need to create an intelligent digital strategy.

Learn more at www.advantagego.com/en-us/

About Coforge

Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider, that leverages emerging technologies and deep domain expertise to deliver real-world business impact for its clients. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries, and partnerships with leading platforms provide us with a distinct perspective. Coforge leads with its product engineering approach and leverages Cloud, Data, Integration, and Automation technologies to transform client businesses into intelligent, high-growth enterprises. Coforge’s proprietary platforms power critical business processes across its core verticals. The firm has a presence in 21 countries with 25 delivery centers across nine countries.

Learn more at www.coforge.com

About ACORD Solutions Group

ACORD Solutions Group was created to solve critical industry challenges by delivering next-generation digital solutions and services. Our enterprise-class solutions optimize the speed, cost, and accuracy of data exchange, connecting stakeholders regardless of geography, role, and legacy constraints. ACORD Solutions Group is an extension of ACORD, the standards-setting body for the global insurance industry. Learn more at www.acordsolutions.com.

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