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The (re)insurance market is changing rapidly. Stay on top of the latest trends and keep up-to-date with industry-leading insights using the resources below.


Insider Bermuda Roundtable Nov 2019 booklet image

With firming market conditions propelling (re) insurers towards a busy 1.1 renewal season,  The Insurer – in association with AdvantageGo – spoke to executives in the Bermudian market on whether reinsurance pricing momentum will catch up with...

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Baden Baden Take away report Oct 2019 booklet image

This supplement recaps the news coming out of this year’s conference.

Market dislocation, further rate hardening, and the impact of new risks emerged as some of the key topics. The recent spate of severe Asian typhoons, the potential threat of...

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Insider Monte Carlo Roundtable 2019 booklet image


Are we beyond the point of the "Groundhog Day market" (as one roundtable participant put it)? Is the current hardening market a temporary correction, following some of the largest insured catastrophe losses ever in 2017 and 2018?

In association...

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Monte Carlo Sep 2019 Take away report booklet image

With so much news coming out at this year’s Monte Carlo Rendez-vous, it can be challenging to find out which stories stood out.

There was much talk on the impact of Hurricane Dorian and the potential losses. The Future at Lloyd’s prospectus...

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AdvantageGO Underwritin Roundtable Jun 2019 booklet image

As the market continues to evolve digitally and embrace digitization, many major global carriers are facing ongoing challenging underwriting processes. Unprofitable business is being non-renewed, and lines being exited. Changes to underwriting...

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Intelligent Insurer Roundtable booklet image

We are past the point of no return: the role of the underwriter is transforming, which calls for a skill set adjustment.

To investigate how technology is impacting the traditional underwriter’s role, we recently teamed up with Intelligent Insurer...

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Insider New York Roundtable Oct 2018 booklet image

Bill Gates once said people overestimate the impact of technology in the near term but underestimate it for the long term.

During the roundtable, participants hotly debated which technologies they felt were being over-hyped, as well as those...

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Insider Monte Carlo Roundtable Oct 2018 booklet image

As the “new normal” soft market conditions persist, insurers and reinsurers are going to have to look at new ways of making their businesses more efficient in order to maintain profitability. When industry leaders sat down at the Monte...

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Bermuda Leading the ReinsurTech Revolution booklet image

Earlier this year, AdvantageGo gathered a group of market leaders in Bermuda to talk about “ReinsurTech”, how it is changing their worlds, and why and how Bermuda is trying to get ahead of other jurisdictions.


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