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15.11.22 AdvantageGo

AdvantageGo recently hosted an intimate reception with our valued customers to share our product strategy and articulate our vision for the near future. Clients gathered in a central London venue where AdvantageGo senior management presented our product roadmap and our direction and progress in data, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

The audience also had the opportunity to hear about our support of and plans for our products to accommodate Lloyd´s Blueprint Two, in addition to seeing demos of our products. Additionally, Mark Geoghegan, host of The Voice of Insurance podcast, gave a chat  about the future of underwriting.

At AdvantageGo, we are working on ensuring that our clients derive even greater value from our software  to meet the insurance industry’s aspirations to move to a digital-first insurance economy.

The planning of our roadmap was done in consultation with the market and the wider ecosystem. We are working strategically and in unison with the market to ensure that we offer the right products to help create and support a vibrant digital marketplace.

Additionally, we have always believed in and invested in maintaining long-term relationships externally and internally. This evening contributed to building relationships with existing clients, some of who have been AdvantageGo customers for over 20 years, and strengthening relationships with new ones. The evening also gave us the opportunity to present our ongoing work on investing in new talent and hiring the right people in line with market demands while providing an update on working with partners who are central to our strategy.

We remain committed to serving our customers and to continue engaging in regular and consistent dialogue with them so we can better support their business goals.

We believe our customers left the event with clarity and assurance in AdvantageGo, the company, its people, and its products, but don’t take our word for it. Watch our short video to hear our clients speak about the event.